Vertigo, book club.

I woke up this morning with a bout of vertigo. I almost fell down the stairs first thing. That would have been bad. After Ning got Edda on the bus, I had her help me do the Epley maneuver which is suppose to reright the misplaced rocks in my head that tell my brain about balance. I’m glad she was there for the first maneuver because, though it only takes about 4 minutes to do, I was dizzy the entire time and by the time I was done turning my head every which way, I was sick to my stomach and just wanted to go to bed. The internet says that this maneuver has a very high cure rate the first time, so I naively thought I could do this and then go about my day, and although I was never as sick from the maneuver as I was the first time, I did have to repeat it throughout the day and sleep. It’s almost bedtime now, and I do feel much better – the room no longer spins rapidly when I turn my head, but I can still feel some tippyness and queasiness. I have two thoughts about today: 1. ugh. I wasted the whole day I got nothing done. 2. I slept all day and it was glorious (and dizzy).

Look, my motherhood dreams do come true. Vince snuggling up to me texting friends and showing my funny memes.

And me reading a book with Edda. One of the things I was looking forward to after being a full time nurse was to restart my two-person reading group with Vickey. We haven’t been able to restart it because we haven’t been able to agree on books. She’s more into character development and language and I want plot-driven books. Hopefully someday.

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