Hospital, Jeremy, cookies.

So my mom is in the hospital for an uncontrolled hypertensive episode. Systolic was as high as 205-210. Yikes. She got some IV blood pressure meds which seem to work and then not work and then she is also getting oral BP meds to try to get it controlled that way. She can’t really get discharged until the BP is OK with oral medications. She feels good though. Super cutie in the hospital. Kindof irritated that she can’t take a shower because of the telemetry and the doc refused to let her off the telemetry. Edda is not happy that she’s in the hospital. Sunday night will be night #3.

Jeremy came on on Saturday night. Edda was pleased because it meant that she could steal his pear. He had a good work trip. I don’t quite know what happened with his work stuff, but I do know that he had four flat tires in four bike rides. But no crashes!

I made these cookies that look good, but taste meh.

Vince went to see his grandmother.

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