Thanksgiving week.

Between the hours of 7 am and 10 am on Tuesday, I had argued with both Vince and Jeremy about the state of the college applications (omg. they drive me crazy. both of them.) and my mother was going to be discharged from the hospital, but her blood pressure was still in the 170s (omg. mom, what is with your bp? – they gave her half an ativan and it went down. white coat syndrome probably.) and we got a text from the basement tenants that the sewage ejection pump had stopped working and the basement was starting to flood (just omg.). Gah. By 4pm, all my problems had pretty much resolved. Vince came home and we went over our morning interaction and left it better. The plumber came at 4pm and fixed my sewage problem for $65 and my mother was discharged happily from the hospital at about 2pm. On Monday night, I had made a marzipan/coconut cake to pass time and I gave half to the nurses taking care of my mother and half I left on the counter and Maxi managed to eat that half. Well, she ate about 3/4 of the half, so I was left with a few slices myself. Which is really all I wanted in the end.

We are still mad puzzling over here. We are hosting 42 people for Thanksgiving at last count.

Kiki came on Monday from NM via Berlin. Emy drove down yesterday from Bard. We had lunch today at a Chinese place.

It was a half day today so Edda was with us. She was so happy at the restaurant.

We picked up rental tables and chairs at the party rental place. Jeremy went to whole foods to pick up 2 twenty pound turkeys. He’s going to sous vide them.

Vince and Edda hanging out.

Vince and his charcoal face mask to tighten his pores.

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