Christmas gifts.

Edda got Disney+ for Christmas. She’s a little wary. She still loves the 10-15 videos from when she was a toddler. It’s hard to convince her to go in a new direction. We only recently got her to enjoy Frozen (I not II) and I think she likes only the beginning of that movie. C’mon Edda, Frozen is such a good movie!

Vince got some LED lights that oscillate through the colors of the rainbow and give me an intense headache. I can hardly even stand it for 30 seconds. He leaves it on all the time. Nauseating. Ugh.

Jeremy got these tubeless tires for Christmas.

I’m cleaning up Christmas – stockings came down today, ornaments came down. I removed all the wax from the menorah today – I know Hanukkah is still going on, but we really only light the candles during the big family dinners and we aren’t going to have another one before it’s over.

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