Portraits, biking, colleges.

We finally got around to hanging up the portraits of the children’s ancestors (and Jeremy’s too). Actually, Jeremy hung them up and I got roped into helping him out. I think someday I’ll have to get a portrait done, I have to find the right artist.

Jeremy’s back hurts and it’s bumming him out. He’s trying to get in more of a tucked position for biking so he recently lowered the handlebars on his bike by a centimeter and it threw the whole thing out of whack. So he put it back up to the old position and his back still hurts. Then today at 8 am he told me he was fasting (not eating) today. With the not eating and the back hurting (and therefore, the no biking) today, I buddied up with Edda and basically hid in her room with her watching Toy Story 3 and napping. OMG, the incinerator part is still heart wrenching. I did do some work today in the vicinity of Jeremy, but I tried to be extra nice and extra not annoying even though he was slightly annoyed at everything. Look, but he’s holding a baby! And he reconfigured his whole indoor biking set up in our unnecessarily enormous walk in closet. Three screens, little baby. One screen for his own biking metrics. One screen to watch youtube videos of professional bikers doing hard things up tall mountains or on muddy trails or over cobblestones for motivation. And a third screen to take care of incoming emails or to order things mid-ride from Amazon.

Jeremy and the kids are off until next Thursday. It’s like the longest winter break in history. Vince is done with college applications – I think. Maryland & Purdue went in yesterday. He’s decided to not apply to either Carnegie Mellon or Haverford. Those are the ones that are most triggering for me and most enthusiastically endorsed by the sets of grandparents. One last one remains, which is Wisconsin Madison which is not due until mid-Feb, but what stands in the way is a 650 word essay about why you want to go to Wisconsin Madison and Vince can’t think of a single reason why. We are still encouraging him to think about it. I think he might prefer it to either Pitt or Rutgers if he didn’t get into any CA schools. Everyone we know loves Madison. But he seems to think it’s in the middle of nowhere. It’s ok if he decides to not apply there. Frankly, I’m very happy with the college application process as it stands now.

We had dinner with Xiao Ying and her family this evening. Lovely. Taro pudding with peanut powder for dessert.

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