Xmas, cupcakes, quilt, boxes.

Last night, Vince came into our room and raised his arms and said – Tr*mp’s impeached! He’s gone! Thank goodness! We had to tell him impeachment doesn’t quite work that way.

I have no idea why, but this year, for whatever reason, I’m happy and not anxious going into the holidays. I marveled at this fact today and I told Jeremy – I haven’t been grinchy at all, have I? He’s like – you’ve been great! And then I asked him – I wonder why? And then he said – Do not think about it very hard. Just keep it going. I think it’s because it’s Vince’s last Christmas when he’s living here and not visiting from where his is living. I’m determined to squeeze every last bit of enjoying out of the season. I’ve been generous with gift giving (usually I get grouchy thinking of all the overspending), I did not overwork (namely I didn’t sign up for any extra shifts at the hospital even though the unit is terribly short staffed) and I’m trying to not overeat too much.

We went to Edda’s school today for our annual little cupcake holiday party. Here’s Mr. Pat, Edda’s teacher.

Edda in her classroom.

And our super-fancy Georgetown Cupcakes. I was not sad while in Edda’s room. I really wasn’t sad even afterwards which oftentimes happens. I enjoyed someone’s homemade empanadas with guacamole. I danced to Timber by Pitbull & Kesha.

I finished edging this quilt! This quilt is my quilting masterpiece. Now I just have to make a nameplate and send it to the lucky recipient.

We are continuing our tradition of not wrapping any boxes for Christmas. A waste of time and paper. lol. We just order Xmas gifts and stop opening any boxes around the first week of December. It means we don’t remember which box is for who and we also end up unwrapping some household items like trash bags on Christmas. It’s fine and kind of funny.

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