Xmas prep.

Last night Jeremy had a meeting downtown and he didn’t get home until 9:30pm. If I’m clever, I can be asleep when he comes home and get a full night’s sleep. But I’m often not clever and then we want to stay up late chatting and then we both don’t get enough sleep. So we are dragging a little today.

I took Vince on/off some freeway interchanges on Thursday afternoon. He was planning to drive tonight (late) to a weekend overnight scout camp about two hours away from the house, but he hasn’t been on the freeway in the 6 months or so that he’s had his driver’s license. But now he feels really sick and crappy, so he’s at school doing the some lighting work he promised to do for a show tonight and he’s headed home to sleep. It’s just as well that his first 2 hour trip in the car isn’t tonight. It’s cold and rainy and foggy and anytime I was on the road during the day today, visibility was bad and people were parked in weird places or there were police around.

We went to Edda’s aftercare today to give everyone red envelopes. I’ll do it for her school staff sometime next week. Our largest line item every year for the holidays are the gifts we give to all the folks who work with Edda everyday. She has a lot of people looking out for her. And for that we are grateful.

Jeremy’s work decided there wasn’t $ in the budget to host this year’s Christmas party (which is usually a pretty fancy dinner/downtown affair). But folks still wanted to have it & somehow we got roped into hosting it at our house – it’s happening tomorrow afternoon. From a DCer’s perspective, we live way out in the boondocks and the weather is going to be bad tomorrow, so I’m not sure how many people are going to show up. Cookies got made today:

The tree is also coming together in a sea of shedded fake pine needles. I was not motivated to put it up before tonight. I was considering getting a real tree as this is Vince’s last Christmas in the house as a child, but I didn’t quite manage to make it to a lot and tie one to the top of the van. So this fake one will have to do.

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