What is there to say? I went to work yesterday and there was a general feeling of unpreparedness. There was no new protocol except for the general public protocol – wash hands, don’t come to work if you are sick, etc., etc. But all of us are a bit freaked out. I had a post surgical patient who wanted to leave the hospital as fast as possible and as I was discharging her she asked if I was scared and I said of course I’m scared, I’m still human, how can I not be scared? We actually have very few febrile patients and/or respiratory distress patients on our unit. (Not that I don’t get coughed on. I do get coughed on.) You have to be pretty healthy to be on our floor – we have a lot of post surgical patients (hysterectomy, bowel resection, appendix, etc) and we do have lots of people with infections – but usually they are blood borne or in a wound or like their arm is swollen and red with cellulitis. The gossip at the hospital was that we had a patient in the ED on Saturday with COVID-19, but I shrugged and said I don’t think the house lab has any test kits yet to confirm. We seemed to have enough protective gear supplies (I think), but that could be an illusion.

I had to tell one of my coworkers to stop touching her face. Everytime I passed her in the hall she was touching her gd face! I’m like – you gotta stop that – and she said once I had pointed it out to her, she noticed she was touching her face all the time. This is the one habit I’m trying to break. No touching of my face, especially at work, but at all in general. It’s not easy. I always rub my eyes, pick at my nose, rest my chin in my hands at a table.

Christine says NIH has cleared the “Ebola” floor for this pandemic. Seth’s work has cancelled all travel and had a very stern note saying to not come to work with *any* symptoms no matter how mild. Jeremy went to the Chinese market and they are completely out of rice (except for 4 bags of brown rice which Jeremy may have bought one). Just on Saturday, we booked a solo trip for Vince to visit U of Toronto which now seems will not happen along with the trip to U of Minn (which was in conjunction with Jeremy’s business trip to Minneapolis which probably needs to be canceled as well). I was worried that Vince would get sealed off from me across the Canadian border and he’d be 18 then, which I couldn’t decide was a good or bad thing. I’m afraid that he’ll be picking a college sight unseen which is not the best way to spend an extremely large amount of money, but what the heck, it’s a minor problem in the grand scheme of things. In the next four weeks, we were planning on personally hosting 4 parties – each one larger than the next, 15 people, 40 people, 100 people and 125 people. I think these parties are not going to happen. Edda’s teacher emailed parents to please buy hand sanitizers and clorox wipes for the classroom. Beloved grandparents, take good care of yourselves <3.

I was not a supporter of Mayor Pete, but somehow with him dropping out, I feel adrift and unhappy (maybe also because it overlaps with the pandemic). It seems clear that the choice for us Dems will be between Biden/Sanders – maybe Bloomberg depending on how his ads help him on Super Tues. Really? A bunch of old, white men? This is the best we can do?

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  1. Hmmm. All you can control is you. Get exercising, only eat a few cookies and just vote for whomever you like the best.

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