Ash Wed.

I’m trying to shake myself out of a funk. I have so much work to do, there is so much scheduled for our little family. The world is falling apart; we can’t decide on a Democratic nominee. I want to stay in bed and nap and eat cookies which is no good. My pants are unfortunately too tight – my fat is migrating from other parts right to my midsection.

Let’s go for an update:

Kitachi, our weeknight caregiver has been out since last Thursday, the first bit because she took time off to go to Mardi Gras (which she told me she was pretty sure she wasn’t going to sleep for five days, lol) and then the last two days for being sick. Jeremy and I’ve been running Edda pickups and night time routine. I’m afraid K will need the rest of the week to recover and anyways, Friday is a half day where Edda generally doesn’t have after care, so I’ll have her Friday afternoon.

Jeremy went to work on Monday, but came home in time to pick up Edda from aftercare and went to work on Tuesday, but came home early on Tuesday because he felt sick and worked from home today. This is Jeremy on Tuesday morning. We all start our mornings this way? Anyway’s he’s fine, feeling tired but working hard. A big week for him, his big ride hailing report came out Tuesday, you can read it here.

Vince is wrapping up scouts. His last meeting is next week! Then he’ll be 18 and age out of scouts. No more Tuesday night meetings. We’ll need to get him something for his birthday. He did get into U of Toronto yesterday – not into the Engineering program (which had an incredibly complex application with recorded video Q&A and a bunch of essays, this was not attempted), but into the Arts and Sciences program (which I think had no essays). Jeremy and I thought that he should visit and were trying to plan out a quick two day trip in the midst of a lot of craziness in the next two months, but Vince came home tonight and we asked how interested he was and he kinda shrugged and said that he’d pick an US engineering school over Toronto. We just said that Toronto was probably (on a global scale) the most prestigious school he applied to. It didn’t seem to sway him. I mentioned that maybe he could become Canadian. That seems like a big plus right now.

I’m worried. And I’m also one of Taylor Swift’s biggest fans. Our discussions about the coronavirus have taken a bit of a more serious turn. I think I’ll still going to go to work when the virus gets to our little hospital. Jeremy looked at me all earnestly a few days ago and said something like – I’m sure you aren’t going to shirk your responsibilities at the hospital – which was helpful to me. I probably will be fine if I get it, I have no underlying health issues. I just want to self-quarantine myself somewhere and not bring it home. Vince said – that’s so sad! I don’t mind being exposed to it. Come home everyday. Jeremy said – I’m sure there will be guidelines for health care workers from the CDC. We’ll figure it out.

Emy went back to Bard today. She left her birthday roses behind which are blooming beautifully. Sometimes the roses just wither and die and don’t open, but not these! It really was wonderful being able to celebrate her 40th together.

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