Fracture, Minecraft, Davis.

On Thursday, I was weightlifting at the gym and I accidentally dropped a 30 pound bar on my left big toe. I did not scream, but it did hurt like a mf and I was only 15 min into the workout and I was like – I can still keep going and after about 10 min of limping around the gym, I was like – I can’t keep going, I gotta go home. The first thought that entered my mind right after the bar hit my toe was Shit, I can’t go to work at the hospital. But I thought that after I iced it and rested it, it would be OK. And it was OK all afternoon. Jeremy wasn’t well in the afternoon and asked if I could cook dinner, so I shuffled around the kitchen and made raviolis for everyone. Then I put on some slippers and took Maxi out for a walk and I realized that my toe hurt a lot. Like enough so I couldn’t make it long enough for Maxi to get her poop in (or out). I came back into the house, elevated my foot and groaned. I do kind of wish my patients would suck it up a little more regarding pain and not go right away to taking narcotics, but on Thursday night, I told Jeremy that I could really use a Percocet right then. And then I didn’t want to go to urgent care or the ED or anything because it was too late at night but I really thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep well without any pain meds (I had already taken some ibuprofen) and I didn’t want to mix with all those people who certainly had COVID. But Jeremy called the ED (I had asked if I could go to my own ED at my work even though it isn’t the closest one) and they said to come on in. And so I did. I look so old in this photo – glasses slipping down my nose, I have stretchy pants on and sitting next to a wheelchair.

The PA took one look at my toe and said it’s a broken toe and then said they’ll x-ray it to confirm and prescribed me tramadol. Jeremy said – you never talk about tramadol as a pain med and I said that I considered it the weakest opioid and it’s prescribed the least.

The break is small – I can tell a little triangle piece has broken off and is there another fracture? Can’t quite tell. Anyways, the tramadol worked, I slept like a baby and I have an ortho appointment on Monday. We did go to the CVS at 11:30 pm to pick up extra tramadol in case I woke up at 3 am in throbbing pain. CVS at 11:30 pm in the midst of a pandemic is a happening place. The pharmacist was busy stocking people up on medication. People were arguing over the 1 clorox wipe / 1 purell / 1 toilet paper per family policy. We tried to get out of there quickly.

Vince stayed home all week because he wasn’t well. So I think his senior year is done. On Friday morning, he asked if he could use our credit card to renew his Minecraft account – a video game he played in middle school. He’s back to playing video games with his friends. He came downstairs for dinner last night and said – I feel like I’m 13 again! No homework, nothing to worry about. I’m playing Minecraft and yelling a lot. I know lots of families are homeschooling or doing something. We plan on doing nothing. It’ll be like the worst case of senioritis ever. Theoretically, Vince has AP tests in May and I guess you are suppose to self-study now for those exams? I think that’s not going to happen. Vince thinks the tests themselves are going to be cancelled. Vincie got into Davis on Thursday night. We are all very, very excited. Except that it’s closed.

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