Hi folks, we are all here all the time now. We are fine. The house is big, we generally like each other. It’s hard to concentrate on doing any work – both Jeremy and I both are working at home (we are very lucky). Edda and Vince are doing their own thing. Edda is sleeping in and staying up late, I should go wake her up now. It’s 7:30! So late. Vince asked to be woken up every day at 10 am. I have no idea what he is doing. He’s playing a lot of video games. I don’t track his grades, but they do mail home mid-term grades and I happened to open it this week and was a little shocked at how low they were (not failing!). Of course, he’s a senior and the reason I stopped checking his grades a long, long time ago is because he likes to perform low-ish during the term and then during the last bit of the term, pull his act together and see if he can ace the last big project and the final. Which he has done with some regularity and also has not done with some regularity. Which he is totally OK with, I think he would rather gamble the grade than to a whole ton of extra work. He is a strange, strange boy. I just could not mentally handle that – either as a student or as his mother. Anyways, I suspect the mid-term grades will be frozen and that’ll be it. It’s ok.

Max has no idea what is happening. She does not know what time it is anymore (just like the rest of us). Usually she nudges us for breakfast or dinner based on who comes home when, but since we never come and go, she just sleeps and sleeps.

We Facetimed family dinner on Sunday. There was a lot of background noise. I wonder if we can fix that.

My toe should heal nicely. I went to the ortho yesterday. I shouldn’t have gone and waited in the waiting room because I knew it would heal nicely and it feels a lot better now than over the weekend. So many people coughing (after that person left, the staff immediately Lysoled the whole waiting room), sitting too close to each other (c’mon people it’s an enormous waiting room, are you really going to sit like two seats away from me?). I should be back at the hospital working in a couple of weeks. Every time I read something about healthcare workers getting sick, I feel nauseous and want to throw up. I have a few weeks to screw up my courage.

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