Barricade, mask making.

Jeremy spends his workday with Edda and finally yesterday, he had to barricade himself with his desk and the dog crate so Edda wouldn’t come over every five minutes and hit him on the head. We had the first of many (I suppose) meetings with Edda’s special ed team via video. Jeremy is on top of this – he’s been practicing Edda’s fork skills with her. I have no patience for any of this. Jeremy’s approach is soothing to me – he’s relaxed and matter-of-fact and makes forward progress in a steady, gentle manner. I want to set goals with strict timelines and then get discouraged when I meet none of the goals.

I was helping with dinner last night when I told Jeremy that I thought I should make a homemade face mask with the pattern published in the NYT. He immediately said that he would LOVE a homemade facemask and then I asked him why he didn’t ask me to sew one earlier. He said that if he had asked for one outright, I would have gotten annoyed at him and rebelled by silently refusing to make any masks. I think his assessment was correct. Anyways I’d resisted making a handmade mask even though I sew quilts all the time because I think quiltmaking is just 2D and not 3D which is the skill that is required for a mask. I don’t follow patterns like for clothes, I don’t do curves. I just sew in straight lines. But then Jeremy looked at me and was like – if you ranked everyone in the house in sewing ability, I think you’d outstripped the rest of us by a couple orders of magnitude. He offered to bathe Edda in exchange for time for me to make a mask. The mask was not straightforward, it was a little complicated for people who don’t really know how to sew. Anyways, it turned out mediocre. But serviceable in a pandemic.

Vince is back in classes – kind of. He’s got a couple of zoom classes a day. He’s spending his time trying to teach himself chemistry. I’m a bit embarrassed that I’ve forgotten a lot of high school chemistry, he comes and asks questions and then I google it. And then we find a youtube video and learn it all again together.

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