My personality is suited to quarantine. I don’t mind being at home. I find my natural sleep schedule is 10 pm – 6:45 am. This is how much I want to sleep. In real life, I’m almost always an hour less than this. I’m not counting this as real life. Though I’m sleeping through the night, I’m having vivid, scary hospital dreams, so can tell I’m not quite right.

So I’ve used PPE many times in the past, most often for contact or contact plus isolation (which is just gown/gloves no mask) and sometimes for droplet (flu) and sometimes for airborne (TB). Remember HIV is just standard precautions (gloves only), though when I’m doing anything with ostomy bags or feeding tubes or wounds and HIV, I do dress all the way up with mask and gown – though technically you don’t need to. Sometimes the contact precautions are overkill for history of various antibiotic resistant bacteria, but no active infection in the patient. I will admit to being cavalier with PPE in the past, just ripping the gown off willy-nilly and shoving it with a bare hand into an overflowing trash can full of used gowns. Forgetting for hours that I’m wearing a mask that I’ve pulled down off my face from the front with an ungloved hand and is now residing like a necklace around my neck. I’ve been reviewing the proper procedure for removing all this crap which is the most critical part. You think you are done and are tired and want to get out of the room, but not contaminating yourself with the contaminated crap is hard to do. I think the most most important parts are to keep your hands clean (I have a problem with this) and to not touch your face (I have less of a problem with this). I have excellent, professional level seamstresses making me a bunch of face masks and scrub caps.

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