CSA, face masks, Greta.

We are eating well here at the house. Our CSA just started and we got a delivery of fresh greens which less than an hour later, Jeremy turned into a mid-day lunch special. We subscribed to this CSA though a connection to UUCR. They are dropping off at the church usually, but today was special and they dropped off on our porch. As per the usual protocol now, it’s a contactless drop off, we don’t see them, they don’t see us. It pains me to think that I might never see the people who grow the food – it’s part of the fun of a CSA.

Eric has also been baking bread and we got surprised by a sourdough loaf earlier this week.

I was at the hospital on Thurs and Friday. Thursday went well (even though I was floating), but Friday was a doozy. I haven’t had a shift like that in a while. It was non-covid related (mostly.) You have to have a terrible shift every so often and I haven’t had one in a long time. The frequency is right, about one out of every 6 or 8 shifts is going to knock you to the ground. I gave away many of the cloth mask’s that Vickey’s mom (my quilting teacher) made.

This is Astra – my favorite charge nurse. At least she was charge on Friday when I had the terrible shift.

This is Audrey, the person who taught me how to be a nurse during a seven week orientation on the unit.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Edda and Kitachi are plowing through online special needs school. There are zoom meetings being set up.

Lessons about Greta Thunberg (you see her teacher in the little video corner)

Sometimes school doesn’t get done until the end of the day. And then all that Edda wants to do is go to sleep. lol.

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