Doxie Derby – UC Davis

UC Davis seems like such a wholesome school. After watching countless vlogs, it seems like the thing to do on the weekends is to go to the farmer’s markets. And their big annual party is called Picnic Day which you can attend virtually this year here. They race hot dog dogs as part of Picnic Day. It was suppose to happen this past week. I’ve revised my dream. Remember my dream was to be able to drive Vince across the country in the fall and drop him off at the his dorm in Davis and get a boba and a sweatshirt at the school bookstore? I mean, I’d still like that dream. But if I can’t have that dream, I’ll revise it to be able to be at Picnic Day next year with Vince. Maybe we won’t be able to watch the hot dog dog race in person, but maybe there will be a Picnic Day where we’ll be able to milk cows and have a burrito while maintaining six feet distance from everyone else. Vince just told me that he posted on the official Facebook UCDavis Class of 2024 group. (I was excluded from this group. Yes, I tried to join. Yes, I was rejected. Vince said, please mom, try to not stalk me.) Yesterday, he was just looking at it saying that the people posting were 90% female and all non-science, non-engineering majors. He wasn’t sure that he wanted to post anything. But he just said that he did and hopefully someone will talk to him. We’ll see what this virtual college thing will be like.

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