Not ok. But then ok again.

I’m a bit not ok. But, really, I am ok under the circumstances. I had another two kind-of-terrible shifts on Monday and Tuesday. And then I had two days off and I’m headed back tomorrow. At about 3pm this afternoon, I had to give up on the desk job and crawl into bed and scrunch in under the covers to blot out the daylight and thought seriously about calling out tomorrow. Never have I ever called out. I am sad and tired. At 3pm I thought I was getting sick. But I took a nap and then Jeremy made me a cheesesteak for dinner and I’m feeling better. I don’t think I’m sick. Actually, I’m sure I’m not sick.

We’ve been watching Bon Appetit Test Kitchen as a family. There are about 9 cast members and we each have one that is like our doppelganger. Jeremy is Chris, I’m Sohla, Vince is Brad and Edda is Gaby. Check it out.

I’m feeling much better than I did at 3pm. Sometimes you just need a nap and a cheesesteak. It’s going to be a terrible shift tomorrow, but I’m ok with that. I’ve lived through all my other shifts, I should be OK through tomorrow’s. The numbers in Maryland are not good. I can feel it at the hospital. We’ve been in lockdown for six weeks now, I’m not sure what it’s doing infection-wise because the numbers keep going up, but you can tell people are starting to get restless. When I walk/run in the neighborhood, I can see people starting to gather in parks and on corners.

Vince put down the housing deposit for college. UC Davis is still holding that they are guaranteeing housing for fall. UC Irvine and UC Santa Cruz had both sent emails rescinding housing guarantees for freshmen. We have no idea what is going to happen there. UC Davis has a late start – classes start Sept 30. That’s five months from now. We’ll see.

One thought on “Not ok. But then ok again.”

  1. So today the thingy in my bra had readjusted while I was on a ZOOM call and well my bosom looked a little….off. There’s my life!! Just take it one day at a time babe. Maybe one minute at a time. Hug Vince and Jeremy and Edda if allowed. Pet Maxi. Watch Leslie Jordan on Instagram for humor or Schitt’s creek or The Good Place. Focus on funny and music Doris. Stay well mentally. Call me if you need to vent. You are loved. You are needed by people in your life so stay healthy in all manners.

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