Jeremy went grocery shopping yesterday. Lauren’s been trying to get us to do Instacart or delivery from Whole Foods. She insists that it is easy – but Jeremy and I find it frustrating. OK, Jeremy finds it frustrating. There are no delivery times available and when I realized she was waking up at 2 am to get the delivery times, I was like – we can’t do that. I’ll leave it to the people who can’t go grocery shopping. (Lauren had pulmonary concerns, so I’m happy she’s getting delivery.) Jeremy usually enjoys going grocery shopping, but it’s stressful for him now. We go every 4-5 days. He says he finds something and takes it off the shelf and then finds something better but doesn’t want to put the first thing back on the shelf because he’s touched it and he doesn’t want to put something he touched back on the shelf.

My 30-bed unit at my hospital closed last night. No one is there. The census dropped so low, that they closed it. Did they send all the nurses home? I don’t get it. I’ll just have to see.

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