Weekend update.

I spent the weekend at the hospital. Now I’ve been exposed to covid patients for over a week, so I’m like – do I feel feverish? Do I need to cough? I coughed! uh oh. No, I’m fine. Mostly likely just tired. All covid, all weekend. Most of my patients are doing well, hanging out on supplemental oxygen. I actually prefer the covid floor (Sat) because you have fewer patients and I know I’m not going to get a person sick by moving from one room to the next. I had two patients most of the day and then three and then none and got sent home early! On Sunday, I was on a supposedly non-covid floor where 60% of the patients had covid and then I’m worried that I’m going to get my non-covid patients sick from traveling back and forth. And because it’s considered a non-covid floor, I had like 4.5 patients. Half a non-covid patient, two rule out covid and 2 covid. So that’s like so much dressing and undressing. I’m still floating (which is incredibly stressful on top of the fear of dying stress) and I’m being recruited by the other units I’m floating to – that’s fun. Maybe after this pandemic is over, I should start floating – then I can learn the other stuff, cardiac, neuro etc. and make a bit more $. We’ll see. Maybe this will never be over. I (still!) would like to work in the ED someday. I see those ED nurses come up to the floor with their N95 masks on with a bandana tied over it (even though we have totally enough surgical masks) and think, man, you guys are crazy down there and I hand them a surgical mask.

Jeremy makes me all my meals now and brings them up to my office.

Vincie paid the deposit for UC Davis and posted this on his instagram. I am sad that it’s probably not going to be the four-year on campus experience that I had imagined. (When is anything like we imagined it would be? Though right now it’s a little extreme…) We talked about what would happen if classes were online in the fall. I think we are just going to roll with it and see how it goes. Maybe we’ll save a bit of $ and be able to fund a 5th year? Who knows if we are going to have to do repeated rounds of shelter-in-place? But I know it’s not just us, it’s everyone.

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  1. I had to look at the newspaper to see what date today is and how current your postings are♥️??. The last two emojis t my STOOPID ity re the date. It’s my was first auto corrected to the blog. I just list my train of thought. Glad to read all the news esp re VINCE♥️♥️♥️?

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