Hello loves. I think my tour of duty is done. They’ve reopened my unit at the hospital and people are having surgeries again. We might be the only covid free unit in the entire hospital. We actively deflecting covid or covid rule out patients from our unit. We’ve had a few nurses leave our staffing inn the past few weeks so we are short staffed for a full floor. So I think unless there is a clamp down again for elective surgeries, I think my four weeks on covid duty is done. Proud of myself for doing it. Relief that it might be done. I’m sure I’ve jinxed myself and I’ll float tomorrow. I’m still wearing my n95 mask all day even on my non covid floor. We are supposed to reuse them thirty times – they will send them out for sterilization every three times. But sterile is different than clean or new. Sterile doesn’t get rid of face dirt on masks. It’s just sterile face dirt. Some staff are only wearing surgical masks on my unit. I’m not comfortable with that. I mean, I touch my patients all the time. They all still breath on me. I’m counting down the days since my last shift on the covid floor. I’ll count out 14 days and then relieve social distancing in the house. I miss touching my kids and my husband. Have a ever not kissed my husband for six weeks since we’ve met? I don’t think so.

It’s been hard be upbeat this week. Zoom calls with Edda’s class leave me both cheered up and extremely unhappy. Vince’s missed graduation and prom and likely missing fall semester at college eat away at me more than I would like to admit given the loss of life and livelihoods of so many people. I miss my friends and family. I actually feel kind of socially lucky to go to work at the hospital. I get to talk to co workers in person and strangers too! I had a patient tell me this week – Dora! I like you! And I said – you know what? I like you too! And then we kind of hung out there together for a while in each other’s company.

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