I’m very excited to end my semi-quarantined state later this week and reunite with my family. We decided to celebrate on Thursday night which will be the last night that I’m full time at the hospital. Jeremy asked if I wanted a special dinner. I asked for hamburgers and tater tots. Jeremy frowned and said – hmmm, tater tots are hard to find. The good ones at least. The Whole Food sweet potato tater tots are still available. We all groaned at the thought of organic & small tater tots. I switch my order from tots to potato salad. Then I decided that I also needed a homemade margarita.

I accidentally did a covid test using a swab meant for a vaginal sample. Whoops. It did look almost exactly the same. The swab that is.

I sidled up to a coworker of mine and asked – so you’re just wearing a surgical mask and not an n95 mask – you ok with that? She sighed and said it left a bruise on her nose which wasn’t better even after putting a bandage to protect it. I widened my eyes and said – really? And then I thought – I am not a true female, it didn’t even occur to me to protect the beauty of my face over protecting myself, you know, from not being able to breath. I want the little lifelong bruise on my nose. So I can say to my grandkids – this is from when I wore my n95 mask which I reused 100 times for years while we went through the pandemic. Though I did go buy some protective tape today on Amazon to help my nose out. OK.

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