B&J, bike, tongue.

We celebrated Father’s Day on Saturday night as I was going to be at the hospital on Sunday. What Jeremy really wanted for Father’s Day was a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cake. And so we got one and ate it and it was delicious.

For Father’s Day, Jeremy got Vince a bike. One of the best things about UC Davis is that it has a very strong bike culture and we wanted to get Vince a nice bike for college. Vince loves the bike.

What we spent most of the week struggling with is Edda’s seizures. It turned out that during the last seizure I blogged about, she managed to bite her tongue really hard. It took us a few days to figure that out because her tongue took about 48 hours to turn black and blue, but while the bruise was developing, she just seemed to stop eating completely and we didn’t know why. I was at the hospital a lot and Jeremy spent hours and hours just spooning soft, sweet things into her mouth and hoping to get a dose of anticonvulsant into her. She wouldn’t eat a lot of her soft favorites, like bananas or yogurt, but thank goodness she always seemed to be able to eat ice cream. So she ate a lot of ice cream. And she’s much better now – ate breakfast happily, drank a full glass of water.

All this coincided with our caregiver, Kitachi, having her own medical issues and such things that required her to have time off, so we’ve been extra busy and tired.

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