It’s hard to keep up these days. OK. On Thursday, Jeremy woke up with blurred/missing vision in one of his eyes. It’s alarming to lose a field of vision in one eye. We found an opthamologist randomly who could fit him in at 10:30. Turned out he had an ocular migraine which is temporary and passes quickly. But we were freaked out for a good three or four or seven hours there. It’s good that he went to the opthamologist – he usually goes only to an optometrist, but he’s been complaining about his eyes for years. His eye are fine. No glaucoma no cataracts, just very bad astigmatism (which he’s known about) in one eyeball which makes it hard to correct.

I had a shift on Friday which was one of the easiest shifts I’ve had in awhile. I can tell I’m much less needy myself because I have patience for my patients. omg. Still so much crying (from my patients), but getting better. Edda had a fantastic day on Friday at home. That makes my heart sing. And I got cancelled today – census was low so they didn’t need me. I happily take the cancellation, though I know at a union hospital they usually have a no-cancel policy. Because if I was full time and got cancelled, I’d need to cover it with my PTO which is not cool.

Maxi’s 10th birthday was this week. We gave her a peanut butter single serving cup.

Vince delighted in his graduation gift – sherah :). He’s already cooked dinner for us with it. He’s working on the card.

Let’s look at his senior grades – note – colleges do not get quarter grades, colleges get the semester grades – First semester – he gets all As and a B for the semester:

Third quarter he’s really dropped his effort there, but then the pandemic saves him in the 4th quarter and he ends up with the same result for the semester grades. I think I would have rather skipped the pandemic and finished out the year with a C in biology.

We are doing so so so so badly as a country. Last week I was like – we are going to road trip to Davis at the end of September and this week I’m like there is no way in hell any college in the country will open.

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  1. Whew sooooo glad Jeremy is okay! That sounds scary. I’ve been keeping a stress ball nearby and lavender smell also helps me. Sounds hippie dippy I know but whatever works right. Also, music! So glad Vince liked the knives. I sure am proud of him. I’m proud of all of you. P.S. Made Jeremy’s Peruvian chicken. That stuff is good as a dog!!! Love you.

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