Teeth, BLM.

Edda’s teeth seem to be staying in her head. They are in a different place than they were before, but that’s OK. She had a rough week, but since Saturday, she’s back on her regular diet. We had her on a modified ice-cream, tapioca pudding, yogurt & Ensure diet at the beginning of the week.

We believe that Edda had her thumb in her mouth and then had a seizure and then bit her thumb. Unable to release her thumb, she reflexively yanked her thumb out of her mouth pulling out two teeth. By Wed, I realized that she probably needed some systemic antibiotics for the bite and we got that from the pediatrician.

Vince and Jeremy went to the BLM protests at the end of the week. The first one in Rockville organized by RM students.

The second one downtown on Saturday – mid-day. Jeremy biked into town. Vince and friend Sam took the Metro in. All were back home by 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Vince said that it was just starting to pick up as they were going home, but I was glad they went early. I’m not a fan of crowded Metros – and they said that the trains were pretty empty when they were riding them.

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