So many things making me cry this weekend. Anyways, I’ll address the one that is happening in my own house (other than the argument that Jeremy and I got into on Sat morning, which we will just gloss over. It’s an old argument about home repair that will never get resolved because it is rooted in the basic core personalities that we have, so we had the argument quickly because we’ve had it 10,000 times before and it isn’t important really – we stepped through the argument in three sentences and then through the apologies and then it was done.)

Edda somehow managed to knock out two of her teeth without anyone noticing and without any apparent trauma. We have no idea what happened. Jeremy was cooking in the kitchen – he texted me that dinner would be ready in a few minutes. I was upstairs working. Edda was sitting on the toilet and then Jeremy went fetch Edda and found her covered in blood. At first he thought it was a nosebleed (she has those often), but then saw that no blood was coming out of her nose. And then he saw that it was all coming out of her mouth. He yelled for me and I rushed downstairs. I thought she was vomiting blood. We used a spray bottle and squirted to clear the blood from the mouth. So much blood… And then in horror we saw the two teeth (I’m going to look this up – the central right incisor and the right lateral incisor) were jutting out of her mouth like pointing directly in front of her. We tried calling her pediatric dentist and left a message on her cell. Then we called Jeremy’s dentist who is the wife of Vince’s cub scout leader whose office is just on the next street over. We headed over there and she took a look and she told us to just shove her teeth back into her mouth. Which we did. There were four of us there. I was straddling Edda in the chair shoving the teeth back into her head. Jeremy was holding her head. Miriam was telling us what do to and managing the hydrogen peroxide. Tom was managing the suction. Now Edda did not cry when her teeth came out. She flinched but did not cry when I shoved her teeth back into her head. This is Edda pre-self-tooth-extraction:

This is Edda post:

They are not where they used to be. The pediatric dentist (who did get back in touch with us and now we are sending photos back and forth) actually likes the positioning better now. But I’m afraid Edda’s going to knock it out again. She’s no good at controlling her grinding and/or her tongue. As I wrote this, she shifted the teeth again and a shower of blood came back out of her mouth again. And we still have no idea how it happened in the first place, though this morning, I looked at her thumb and it’s completely swollen with bite marks on them. Did she have a seizure with her thumb in her mouth and clamp down on her thumb and then tried to pull her thumb out so hard it pulled her teeth out? I have no idea. I think we are going to lose those two teeth. I think there is no way she can keep them still enough for long enough that they’ll regraft. I know it’s not really a big deal. What’s two teeth in the grand scheme of things? It’s really nothing. They have nice fake teeth that some might argue are better than real teeth. And we can pay for new fake teeth. But they are Edda’s teeth. I would have liked to have kept those. Oh well.

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  1. Whew. I hate that you are having to deal with this caca. Is there anything, anything at all that I can do to help?

  2. Doris! Catching up after not reading for a while. What a scary thing to happen!!! I hope everyone’s okay now. Glad to hear you’re back within hugging distance of your family, and thank you so much for all you do.

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