UC Davis update.

UC Davis announced its fall opening plan here. I can’t quite tell if it is telling me 1) please, please, please stay home or 2) please, please, please come to campus. The cases in CA are certainly rising right now. Who knows what it will be like in September. Yesterday Vince was a little testy (we’ve all been on edge in the house) and when I asked if he wanted to go to campus in the fall, he looked at me and rolled his eyes and groaned and I said – I guess that is a yes. Absent any logistical complications, I would prefer that he stay home fall quarter and let them get the kinks out (mostly to see if most people can stay healthy) and then go to CA for the winter/spring quarters. Davis made no mention of the dorms except that they would de-densify them. UCLA said they would prioritize dorms allocation based on financial need and distance of home residence from campus. So if Davis did the same thing, Vince would hopefully get a dorm room. I think if he got a dorm room, we’d send him there in the fall – if he didn’t get a dorm room, I think we’d have him stay here. I’m 100% sure that he could get all his freshman courses online with no problem. We need to get him some antibody testing. Soon. At least we’ll have about 2 months worth of data from other colleges that are opening in early August. Davis doesn’t start until Sept 30.

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