CITR, teeth, parties.

Vince is on a reading kick. I’m kind of impressed? Vince doesn’t really read. When books were assigned in high school, he listened to the audiobook (which is still way better than Cliff Notes and/or the movie version). I think Vince has a slight undiagnosed case of dyslexia (same as his dad), so reading is a little harder for him and so he avoids it. But now he’s gone through 1984, Catcher In the Rye, Lord of the Flies, I think he’s going to read the Hobbit next. He’s capable of finishing books that he doesn’t like (CITR) which I think is a very grown up thing to do. Being a grown up is just a series of doing things you mostly don’t feel like doing at the moment you are doing it, but are pleased that it’s done in the end. I told him he needed to add some POC authors in there and that there was no way he should leave them out now and suggested some…and maybe some women too?! At least add Jane Eyre or Emma or Pride and Prejudice! He groaned.

Edda’s teeth injury appears to be more complicated than we originally thought. Maybe she broke her jaw at the point where her teeth meet her jaw and therefore, she didn’t pull out her teeth, she broke her face. We are working through finding the right team to get this fixed. She seems in good spirits – still eating well and pooping well. Generally happy, but more woozy being on seizure meds. This is us at the endodontist on Monday. Now we have to involve ortho or someone at a hospital.

I took the news of her teeth badly. It’s not fun to have the word “trauma” refer to your daughter’s face. We went back home and I sat at my desk and got that heavy, sad feeling that the world is conspiring against me (and Edda). I could not concentrate, so Jeremy took me out on a date to Whole Foods. I want to say that this was our standard date pre-pandemic anyways. We haven’t gone on a grocery shopping date in a long time. I don’t think I’ve been to Whole Foods since the pandemic started. Jeremy likes it better when I go because they won’t bag if you bring your own bags and, honestly, we were overflowing with paper bags, that we just had to go back to reusable bags and it’s easier to unload the grocery cart and then simultaneously bag with two people.

My nursing unit! There was a party to celebrate someone retiring after something like 27 years. Jeremy asked, you guys are having parties? Isn’t that not allowed now? I sighed. (I didn’t go to the party).

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  1. Reading has saved me so many times! I am so sorry and bummed about Edda’s teeth. But I am glad she seems to be doing okay.

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