A visit to Baltimore.

We visited my alma mater today. The UMD School of Nursing. 2020 is the god damn international year of the nurse. It’s Flo’s 200th birthday. She is not only the founder of modern nursing, but also a kick ass statistician who used data to improve/save the lives of many people through policy changes in public health.

We also visited Edgar Allen Poe’s grave. A bit freaky.

Why go on these adventures? Really, it was for our 8th dental visit (and pretty much last hope dental hail mary visit) in as many weeks. We went to the UMD dental school, where they finally could help us. We got a good x-ray – the teeth look healthy all the way to the roots. They are still loose. But we’ll take a conservative approach and see if they heal more in the next 2-4 months. They might. Or the might not. If they need to be removed or root canal-ed, they will be able to do it there. They even mentioned maybe doing some cosmetic work if necessary. But we’ll see if we can save the teeth by just waiting. I LOVE THIS PLAN. It’s my favorite plan always – which is do nothing and then let’s see. Thank goodness we have a plan. We have people who can help. The reason we couldn’t make an appointment 4 weeks ago is because they’ve been closed for 4.5 months for the pandemic, only reopening a couple of weeks ago.

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