Ice cream outing.

So I did hunt down some ice cream. After our letdown of a Children’s appointment (after which I could not do work, I could only hide in a closet with a blanket and pillow and take a nap) we went to our first group outing since the start of the pandemic. Catherine (the one in the red shirt) hosted a non-school sponsored, non-Best Buddies affiliated outdoor hang out/ice cream social. Now, I’ve had a lot of people interaction with masks and face shields at the hospital, but at the hospital, I really make no effort to physical distance except to banish hugs from my repertoire (though management does try, they removed a lot of chairs from the conference rooms and they also blocked out every other computer at the nurses station). So this is our first attempt at “hanging out” socially distanced and with masks. It was kind of OK? I can’t hear people very well when they wear masks and are six feet away from me. It’s basically impossible to have people stay six feet apart, everyone (who I believe are 100% trying to stay 6 feet apart), just naturally drift towards each other trying to hear or passing soccer balls. It wasn’t bad.

Maxi was beside herself with delight. She watched me, Jeremy and Edda prepping to go to the social and she flipped out and asked to come with us by tap dancing around Edda wheelchair and wagging her tail. I think she’s bored too. She got a doggie ice cream cone at Carmen’s – banana flavor.

And, the ice cream! So delicious. I’ve been on a pandemic diet. Meaning, the first three months, I was gaining weight quickly and I was seeing numbers on the scale that I hadn’t seen for years and then maybe six weeks ago, I had had enough. I stopped snacking (which I’ve tried to do for many years unsuccessfully because I love snacking – esp those Giant giant cookies that you can buy for less than $2, but somehow I managed to think of it in a particular way (avoiding insulin spikes) this time around – or else I’m just stressed and unable to eat) and I’m slowly dropping back down to pre-pandemic weight. And so it meant I hadn’t eaten since 11:30 am and we hadn’t had dinner yet and I ordered a fall gelati which is a generous slice of a blondie brownie with two dollops of vanilla ice cream which at first I thought I couldn’t finish, but I finished the whole thing in about two minutes flat and it just might have been the most delicious thing I’ve eaten in six months and it was great delight to see that Edda was enjoying her serving as well and was in a great happy mood the whole evening until we tucked her into bed. Look at her so happy! I gotta kind of soak it in because those front teeth are gonna be gone someday soon. Bwahaha. 🙁

Also, I have really forgotten how to drive.

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