We’ve been doing our regular Sunday night Martin family dinner over Zoom since March. It’s always been a little unsatisfying because…well, because we aren’t actually together and when everyone just hangs out at home, there is almost nothing of note to say to each other except moan about the state of the world which can be depressing. This week, we decided that maybe we should re-incorporate the food aspect of the dinner and maybe that would be better for our virtual dinners if we all ate the same thing together at the same time. So Jeremy and I spent Sunday morning making separate baked zitis for the four households. We also included homemade salsa made from tomatoes from my mom’s garden with chips. Garlic bread. A bagged salad. And chocolate chip cookies. It was nice to cook for a party, we usually cook for 15 people quite often – at least once a month if you only count Sunday night dinner, but often, we have gatherings of 8 or more at least once every two weeks. It was nice to cook for a party again, even if there was no actual “party”.

The nicest part might have been the delivery where we got to see everyone in person on their front porch. We all were masked, but were able to chat and be in each other’s company for a little while.

We took Edda with us to deliver the meals. We also went on an outing to the liquor store which Edda loved. I have no idea why but she was laughing a lot at the store. We accidentally missed a dose of her Keppra on Sunday night….and she had a seizure early Monday morning. So we all found ourselves up at 4 am to try and convince Edda to take a dose of Keppra. Well at least we know the Keppra is doing something for her…

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