Jeremy has been working hard at work doing non-policy related things. Lots and lots of equity work. I’m so impressed by him. He’s doing all these things that would never occur to me to do. Hopefully, I can share more later… Actually, I think there will be lots to share later.

I back from 2 shifts at the hospital. Every shift is draining in its own particular way. Lots of family issues, lots of help me go to the bathroom issues (if I have 5 patients and each one needs help to the bathroom 3 times a day, it’s a lot of bathroom trips that I have to tuck into a lot of non-bathroom work), lots of equipment issues. Since the hospital is still partially closed – most notably the joint and spine unit remains closed and probably will be until the beginning of the new calendar year – we are getting all the hip, knee, and spinal surgeries which have all new-to-me order sets which take some getting used to. And my toe is starting to ache and throb by the end of each shift. I’m afraid it’s the dull ache of a permanent, progressive issue which I probably made worse by breaking the toe at the beginning of the pandemic and has always had a mild bunion on it. Jeremy also has some weird arthritis on his thumb that at first he thought was acute, but now he thinks is chronic. We feel old.

Vince is bored I think. Yesterday, he found Jeremy during the day and asked if any errands needed to be run because he was just that bored.

Edda finally got her EEG off. Of course, we did not note any seizure-like activity during the three days she had it on her head.

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