School starting, Usual Suspects, Vince packing.

Edda started school on Monday. Without Kitachi, Edda would not be able to participate as Jeremy and I are fully occupied during the school day. It’s a constant seesaw of emotions like – it’ll be great, we can totally do this for the next 2, 6 or 12 months to omg, I miss my old life so much.

The usual suspects had a impromptu video call – I think the first one of the pandemic? We are maybe trying to get together before winter?

Vince is packing. It’s not entirely smooth sailing around here. Lots of emotions… Vince is the last of his friends to start college – whether in person or online. I think he’s anxious to start. Even without the pandemic, this transition is hard. I think Vince is really moving out. I mean, I think some families think their kid is coming back for the summers or even moving back into their house after college. I have no expectation of this from Vince. I never really moved back home after I left for freshman year.

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  1. Okay, I know he didn’t ask for it but tell Vince to pack light at first. Only the bare necessities. Why? Well several friends are going through this now and here is what they we’ve learned. Pack two groups of items. 1-stuff he must have i.e. clothes, underwear, laptop (unless like Josh school made him buy theirs).2nd group is stuff you ship to him after 4 weeks of school. If he has to come back home, if the college shuts down then packing up a bunch of stuff will be doubly hard. He may in 3 wks time have to turn right back around and come home. Or, he may not. Yay, and you ship him the second batch of stuff he thinks he needs. Keep it simple and easy Vince for this first month. Believe me I am watching a few friends and it is a hassle getting their kids back home with so much stuff. Remember as one of my friends son said, that one night of the big party was not worth the whole school having to shut down. Sigh.

    Finally, this is just info you can use or not. I have some friends who suffer seizures (not from Rhett tho) and they went on the KETO diet and they said it helped them.

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