Air filter, n95 and geocaching.

So this beauty got delivered – our little HEPA air filter to increase the air turnover in the main room of the house. It’s suppose to work for five years *constantly* without maintenance. I can’t quite believe that that is the case. I just need it to work for about 5-6 more months. Jeremy was relieved and then he looked at me hopefully and said – so I guess this means that if I’m more than 6 feet away from our caregivers I don’t have to wear a mask? I sighed and said – really? What about the spirit of “we are in this together” and “normalizing masks”? He said it’s hard to breath and it fogs up his glasses. Does it seem like we are outside while being inside the house? Kind of only if you are standing right next to the exhaust of the purifier.

I sent Vince an n95 mask for his airplane trip back home in December with a face shield. It seemed like a lame care package so I threw in some sugarless gum too. (And mini-pecan pies (Jeremy made those. You can tell who is “fun” around here)).

To hide the fact that I just wanted to send an n95 mask, I went to the grocery shop and filled the rest of the priority box with things I found for about three dollars – window clings and santa hats and I got him some string lights. Snowmen in California. I thought that was funny. Ha ha – you see? I can be fun too.

My parents have been spoiling Vince – they gifted him an opportunity to assemble his own custom gaming computer. Vince and Jeremy have their own separate text stream about what parts to buy and how to put it all together. Vince really wanted a particular AMD graphics card and it went on sale sometime this week. He got up early and tried to snag one at the release moment, but it was not to be. All the bots bought them all within milliseconds. We have a fondness for AMD as Jeremy worked for them for a decade and they sent us all over the world and now they have a Asian woman as their CEO, Lisa Su. Speaking of Asian women kicking some corporate butt, I also got the goosebumps reading about Kim Ng, the highest ranking female executive in MLB. Turns out, I do care about these things. Apparently gaming computers have lights. Lots of lights.

I have a weekday geocaching partner. Sofi and I are walking most days at lunchtime to find geocaches in the neighborhood. Her mom wanted her to get out of the house. I love geocaching and I haven’t been able to do it for years. No one wanted to do it with me. I dusted off my old profile and restarted the game. My profile pic is of me and baby Edda in a stroller – so probably over 14 years ago and there were no smartphones, so I played by buying my own GPS device.

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