Mom’s birthday, kitchen drawers, pecan pie!

Sorry! It’s been a long time. We celebrated my mom’s 79th birthday on Saturday pandemic-style with take out from Founding Farmers and a zoom call and this enormous yard sign. My mom loved it. She is not a subtle one, that mom of mine. She wants the big sign, the big gesture, the fancy gift. We got her a small bottle of Chanel no5 perfume. One of my earliest memories is of me climbing onto the bathroom sink and grabbing a bottle of Chanel no5 from the medicine cabinet (which, to my credit, had only like 10% left) and then anointing all of my dolls with it. (I don’t think I got into very much trouble over it…) We found out on Saturday that that bottle of perfume was one of the first gifts my dad got my mom when he was courting her. And now my mom claims that my dad doesn’t even really like the smell of it. It was a fun zoom call.

Our kitchen is falling apart. We lost our dishwasher in September and have not yet replaced/repaired it. In its place, we are putting our garbage cans (this is not a good idea because who loves taking garbage and moving it all over the house? The dog.) Why are we putting garbage cans where the dishwasher should be?

Because we lost our pull out garbage can drawer. I think the rails are finally broken after over 10 years of constant use and deterring dog noses. And what’s that long wooden cabinet looking part?

Why it’s the decorative panel below the stove. This is been broken for probably about a year. But we are OK with it. LOL. Jeremy dreams of replacing the gas stove with a flat induction stove (we actually have a portable induction plate next to the regular stove which Jeremy preferentially uses over any of the gas burners) with a full hood overhead instead of the puny downdraft vent that we have now. The kitchen reno happens after all the gutter/drainage work, the carpeting work, the refinishing of the floors and, this goes without saying, college bills (another one due in 3 weeks!).

We are missing Thanksgiving. It’s the biggest holiday in our families and we usually are the ones hosting, usually 30-40 people in the house with two turkeys and rented tables and chairs. None of that this year. I’ll miss Vince the most, who will be spending Thanksgiving alone in his dorm room. I’m still trying to track down a turkey dinner for him. He said he was planning on having ramen (all the dining halls are closed). I think I can find a single meal, but friends have said – you have to order him a feast! I’m like you want me to order an entire turkey for him? If he came home now, he’d have to stay home until the new term and he wants to stay in California. So we’ll see him at Christmas. We sent him a care package – an n95 mask and a face shield for the flight home for Xmas and some pecan pies…

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