Happy end of Thanksgiving weekend! Jeremy wanted me to clarify two things – 1. He was hurt that I portrayed him as some anti-masker in the aftermath of the air purifier purchase. He really mentioned it only once and then immediately agreed to wear a mask all the time when there is someone in the house. Basically, he agreed to wear a mask in the house even though he really doesn’t want to. And he wanted to note that when I relax, I go to my bedroom by myself to relax (no mask required). When he relaxes, he goes to the kitchen and does kitchen stuff which is now considered “public” and he has to wear a mask when he relaxes whenever one of Edda’s caregivers is in the house which is like 80% of the time Jeremy spends in the kitchen. Anyways, I was at the hospital on Friday and some of the nurses work at Georgetown and showed me the surgical masks they get there which are these Fluidshield non-fogging masks. They were raving how comfortable and sturdy they are. So I ordered a box for Jeremy, hopefully they will solve his fogging glasses problem. And 2) that we usually don’t have 30-40 people in the house for thanksgiving. It’s always almost more like 40-50. lol. Jeremy loves hosting Thanksgiving. And he did it again pandemic style. Jeremy made turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and we hosted the DC family food exchange.

Our garage was the exchange point.

Excuse the mess our garage is in, please just feel the love.

We had a lovely multi-generation, multi-location zoom call. A small remembrance for Carla which we have not been able to have. There are a bunch of new littles (who aren’t really that little) that not everyone has met. They put on their Halloween costumes and entertained us all. We did have a small after-party with just the DC cousins which may or may not have involved some tipsiness and silliness. And then we ate a lot of pie and more pie with whipped cream and then went to bed.

I went to work on Friday at the hospital – I only dry heaved a few times before I got into the car as opposed to dry heaving many times the shift before. So many things have changed in the 10 days or so that I had off between shifts! No more visitors. And all the premixed antibiotics which were refrigerated are now mix at point of use (I’m looking at you zosyn and vanco), so I spent a bit of the shift looking for those in the wrong places and calling pharmacy many times. I’m relieved that the vaccine development is going well. And that there seems to be an end to all this even though it may still be half to three-quarters of a year away. Though I doubt that this is the last of the pandemics in my lifetime. Maybe 15 years until another one? That’ll put me in my mid-60s, prime vulnerable age.

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