Vaccine, shelving, lights.

I had a hard-ish shift yesterday, but never did I feel like crying. Six rooms with two discharges and three admissions. (We are still doing elective surgeries! I wonder if we will keep doing those. I like them, they are usually easy patients.) Only one patient was unstable-ish and required many, many phone calls to the hospitalist – at least the hospitalist was easy to work with and easy to contact. It would have been better if they were all stable. I like all my patients stable. The most interesting thing was I found out from an OT that it sounds like we can get the vaccine in about three weeks. I’m not exactly sure of the priority, I no longer provide direct care to COVID patients, but I wonder if the whole hospital staff will get priority, or if there will only be enough doses for the people who regularly work in those rooms. (My mom is a bit freaked out about me taking it first-ish, but I think I’m ok with it. As long as Fauci says ok, go for it.)

Jeremy spent the weekend in the garage. He wants to create a workroom in one of the bays. We need more storage and wall space in the garage for this workroom to happen, so he designed a large shelving unit using SketchUp. Once the design was done, we needed to pick up all the wood from Home Depot. I had a very nice staff member on the phone from HD explain to me that there was no reservation system for their rental trucks – that we’d have to call every hour to see if there was one on the lot and they can’t hold trucks for you and you can hold one on the phone with a credit card, but some people might if they were feeling nice. But! But it turns out that all the trucks are in the parking lot when they open at 7 am. So Jeremy was at the HD at 7 am, rented the truck and then started to shop for the wood. So the truck was rented, sitting in the parking lot for a good 45 minutes before any wood got loaded into it. But it was still a good deal.

And making a table for this saw.

Jeremy still impresses me all the time. He is a theorist coming from a family of liberal arts majors. When I first met him, there was no way he would have done anything like this, but here he is, making drawings, putting together jigs and taking advice from my dad! He might, before this project is over, put screws into the concrete floor. We’ll see how that goes.

So many of my friends took pictures of the Christmas trees they put up over the weekend. We did not do any tree stuff, but this morning, we pulled out all our decorations to make Jeremy’s zoom background more festive. So there is that. Call him sometime!

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