Vince is home! He wore his n95 while traveling, hopefully that will be OK. Here we are introducing him to the guest room where he’ll be.

He managed to make it to Baltimore during one of the worst snowstorms on the East Coast in years. Vince was like – uhhh, I’m really used to California weather now. It’s cold here. Originally I was going to pick Vince up from BWI, but Jeremy generously volunteered because he knows I’m a scaredy cat driver. Though Jeremy said – I haven’t driven in months and the first day I drive it’s going to be in the terrible snowstorm. It took him a long time to get there, but he made it (pretty much on time, coinciding with Vince picking up his luggage from baggage claim) and by the time they were headed home, it had turned mostly to rain. Jeremy had a jam-packed day at work (work is good! busy bc of the new administration) before the pickup (which was why originally I was going to drive and pick Vincie up), so Jeremy was exhausted by day’s end. But we are all together again.

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