Do you need a label?

My dad wanted to know if we had a label maker. I said yes! And we checked to see if it was working. And then my dad placed an order for three labels for pickup on Friday. Jeremy took one look at the label maker (which we’ve had for years and has probably made only 18 labels) and said – I hate that label maker and practically growled. I did not understand such a strong feeling towards an inanimate object from my husband.

We are dealing with some possible household covid exposure. Everyone’s feeling pretty good, but we are waiting for test results to come back at the end of the week. Fingers crossed for *neg* results. (I can not believe that we are still operating under 2-3 day wait for results.) If it comes back +, first, that’s scary and we’ll have to expand the household testing and 2nd, it’ll mess up the already messed up return of Vince from college for the holidays. I’m not happy bringing him home during this mess. But they are literally shutting the dorms down (deactivating everyone’s key cards) and even though we have many people he could stay with, if he’s not coming home to us, then are we really going to foist him onto another family? Mostly likely, he’ll be home, but it’s not without changes in plans (changed from a flight with a layover in Las Vegas/Phoenix to a direct flight, but it means it leaves from Oakland and not Sac which means a longer Uber ride and a night’s stay in a hotel in Oakland which is under stay-at-home orders, ugh which is better? It’s hard to say. I guess I’m saying the direct flight is better.) and back ups in place for him to stay in CA if we think he should lock down there.

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