Pickles, metrics, vaccine.

After I get the vaccine, I look forward to a few things. I look forward to “browsing” in stores. I know that when some people say “browsing” – they mean hours of meandering down aisles and looking at things, picking things up, putting them down, trying on clothes, etc. I don’t mean this kind of browsing. I mean the browsing where I can spend 5 extra minutes looking for something without feeling like I’m going to catch covid from some random other shopper and then get really sick. Like today. I’m trying to find a particular type of salty pickle at the Chinese market. At the Chinese grocery store, there is a whole enormous, endless aisle dedicated to various pickled things. And I couldn’t find the right one (I think it’s in the tin below), and as I stood there looking for it, I got more and more agitated (probably 2 minutes) until I just had to give up without asking anyone and run away from the store. I would like to get my eyes checked and my lady parts checked.

Also, for some unknown (well, known to us, but not clearly explainable to outsiders of our marriage – that means you!) reason, we now have 90 pounds of rice in the house. Ninety pounds! Well, we are set for calories (but not nutrition) for like 45 more years. Brown rice, white rice, short grain, long grain, jasmine, weird intermediate brown/white rice. Now if we only had the equivalent amount of toilet paper.

Also! I did a crazy thing and converted my phone over to Spanish. I wanted google maps to start giving me directions in Spanish, but in order for that to happen, I had to convert the whole phone to Spanish. I’m not quite sure what Google maps is telling me anymore, but it’s OK. It’s a little incongruent that it’s in Spanish but giving me distances in the English system. I could convert the phone over to metric at the same time, but then it might be too much of a mind melting experience, I might just never drive again. Oh yeah, I basically never drive now.

They just approved the vaccine!

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