Coach, coffee, RA.

Jeremy found a biking coach of sorts. He found a friend who is willing to look at a training plan that Jeremy makes up and talk about it and give feedback. Jeremy likes to talk about and through things which I didn’t quite understand when I married him. He works through problems by talking about them for a long time. So sometimes my job is just to listen to him even though he already knows what he wants to do. It’s a lot of talking, so I’m grateful for this friend to help with the talking-about-biking-with-Jeremy part of my life. I’m actually not very good at listening. It’s my poorest skill, I’m always tuning out and turning inward to my own thoughts, so I have to make an effort to really listen. This doesn’t just happen with Jeremy. I’ve had co-workers tell me – I said hello and you walked right by and you didn’t answer! and it’s true, if I’m focused on something, I will just tune out the rest of the world and focus on my thing. I never talk through the solutions to my problems. I just want to decide and then do the thing I decided to do. And I like to tell no one what I decided. But since Jeremy is going to talk about his biking with another person, he spent the morning making a spreadsheet and a 4 page report on his last 5 years of bike training. This, to me, seems a bit obsessive. But it’s what he likes. I don’t even really like collecting data on my exercise, I just like chasing a particular feeling or effort.

Jeremy’s old coffee maker broke, so he replaced it with the exact same model, but in yellow. He paid an extra $10 for the yellow one and was so pleased by this splurge.

My shoulder is hurting more than I’d like to admit. I can still do many things, like even yoga or some lifting, but it’s sore and wears me out. It hurts to take a carton of milk out from the fridge – kind of like this weighted full arm extension hurts. Sometimes when I get hurt, I can get pessimistic and think I’ll be hurt forever. I’m not an optimist.

I tried to convince Vince to sign up to be a RA next year, but he’s excited to live in an apartment with a kitchen. He told me last night that he misses cooking and wanted more control of what he eats and so would really enjoy a kitchen. I get that. But I think he’d be an excellent RA. I did get him to sign up to be an orientation leader. They advertise the position as one week= $1000. And Vince admitted – I say that I don’t like icebreakers, but really, I kind of love them. (I know he loves icebreakers lol). And his school starts so late that being on campus a week early shouldn’t cramp his summer style.

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