Press releases, quilt, last Xmas gift.

As soon as Jeremy wakes up, his phone is in his hand. Today, he was reading the press releases from the EPA and DOE welcoming members of the Biden-Harris administration. Lots of familiar names for Jeremy. He thought about, but didn’t apply for a job. He has mixed feelings about this.

There is backlash for the Lander appointment.

I’m starting to quilt again. I showed this to Jeremy and he took a look at it and he complimented it profusely and then acknowledged his bafflement as to why anyone would do this. So much work! And the pieces are so small! What can I say? It’s relaxing.

New administration and the post office is working again. My last Christmas gift arrived yesterday. Ordered on Dec 10th, made it to within 10 miles of me by Jan 1st and then delivered to me yesterday. It’s Vince’s gift, now I need to mail it to him.

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