More news of no importance.


Jeremy loves his new Ugg slippers that he got for Christmas.

Oftentimes, Jeremy asks a yes/no question to me and I say – “I’m OK.” which, to me, means no. But to him, means “ambiguous”. This has been going on for 25 years. I’ve been driving him crazy in this way for a quarter of a decade. I’m trying to say “no” instead.

I’m trying to convince Vince to live with livestock.

Edda had a little seizure in the middle of the night last night.

We moved Edda’s room to the old au pair room and turned Edda’s old room into the guest room/study. (We need to rename all the rooms right now because “guest room” and “Vince’s room” and “Edda’s room” and “Doris’s room” all mean more than one room now.)

Maxi’s bloodwork came back all A-OK. So we don’t know why she lost 8 pounds. Unlike the rest of us, she lost weight during the pandemic?

Look, my babies! Usually, I miss Vince, but I don’t miss miss him. Yesterday, I missed missed him. I want him a toddler again, tucked under my armpit and showing me the world all over again with new, hopeful and optimistic eyes.

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