Inconsequential news.

Let’s keep going. This is not the Times nor the Post. We are reporting on things of no interest.

Jeremy continues to meet with congressional staffers. I’m confused by this as I think they should be very busy on other interesting things. Jeremy says – they are junior staff and actually most of them aren’t in DC anymore and there is WORK TO BE DONE. I tell him – you go! Go on and save us from ourselves in your weird complicated policy way.

What should I cook this weekend? A stew based something or other. I like white beans in my stews, but Jeremy finds them not appealing.

Vince mentioned that someone asked him to be a roommate next year. I didn’t think this was possible as Vince hasn’t really met anyone, but waving “hi” outside from six feet away 3-4 times seems be enough! They are thinking about living in the brand new apartments on campus here.

Edda’s skin is so dry. And then she scratches it with her sharp little nails. I think I need to find some nice lotion for her. Her acne (which has been bad at times) looks much better these days.

Maxi’s food recently changed and she now makes three enormous poops a day instead of only one. I don’t like this new food.

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