Back in the WHO! Back in the Paris Agreement! Back to having daily press conferences with coherent agendas! Fauci going to meet with the WHO! What a relief. Everything seems possible when before, it all seemed impossible. Will Doris learn Spanish? Yes. Will Jeremy learn to shuffle dance? Yes. Will Edda’s seizures be manageable? Yes. Will I be able to find the mouse hole? Yes. Will we all be vaccinated in the next 100 days? YES YES YES. This feeling will be fleeting, but I’m taking it now and embracing it with a full heart.

I spent the day yesterday mixing work, watching the news, and celebrating. The afternoon was filled with a raucous, internalized, mostly-one-person gala where I listened to music and danced in the house – first starting with a whole slate of Sousa Marches (so many of them!) and then winding around to Bruce Springsteen, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Madonna, James Taylor, and finally settling on John Mellencamp.

And that poem! Gorgeous! Life with art, beauty, meaning and love. It is all possible.

Jeremy served a celebratory dinner. Beer for Jeremy, hard apple cider for me, and full strength orange mango juice for Edda (she usually gets 1/3 strength everyday for her Miralax, I think full strength is too much sugar). All in champagne flutes (and as these things go, one flute is already broken now).

And for super celebration, Jeremy made a batch of cookies. Shhhh. Don’t tell Jeremy I ate the rest of the Reese’s peanut butter cups earlier in the afternoon during my own personal celebration.

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