Anxiety, unisolating, spanish.

Maxi having her occasional panic attack where she hides under our desks and shivers. We’ve been giving her some natural anti-anxiety meds recommended by the vet which seemed to have been working, but not yesterday. Jeremy wants to try some CBD. We’ll see.

Keyla, our au pair from a few years ago, extended her au pair experience an extra year after being with us for a year and moved to California to be with another family. There, she fell in love with an American and is getting married to him. They now live in Colorado. The wedding was suppose to be in Buenos Aires last November, but that didn’t happen. They rescheduled at that time for Buenos Aires in March, 2021. But that became complicated as well, so they are doing it on the day they picked in March, but they are doing it in Estes Park, CO. I texted her a little note giving warm wishes for a beautiful wedding day, and she was like – come! come to my wedding! I’d love to see you. I was caught off guard and said – oh! I can’t come, I was just going to watch the zoom feed. But then Jeremy said – maybe you should go, it should be ok. And then the thought of going is overwhelming me (in a good, delicious way). I was like – I get to take a plane ride, rent a car, see people. Eat with other people. See Keyla! Meet her beau! Go to a wedding! But I thought about it and even if it’s outside with only 20 other people, here is no way I’m not kissing and hugging Keyla and everyone if I go. How is that even possible? Honestly, for a variety of reasons, I think the wedding will be relatively well attended and indoors (can it really be outside in March in Colorado??) and how can you not eat/drink at a wedding? I thought I was going to break my isolation gently and slowly, like maybe with a dinner with two other people. But Jeremy was like – maybe you should just go big. Break it for a good, wonderful, occasion.

Speaking of Buenos Aires, initially I was hoping to go the city to see if I could get along in Spanish at all. And the answer is no. I can not. I’m stuck learning sentences in which I “know” all the words, but nothing makes any sense. I’m trying to learn idioms. All these simple sentences which don’t translate well: Whatever it is, it’s something good either way. What do you mean he’s not here? She’s around. Awesome! How far are you? He’s never as nice as us. Yes, everything, even the house. It was time to be at home. I’m home again. Actually, I am happy.

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