Snowman, vaccine, going back to school.

Sometimes you look outside and are surprised that you have a snowman in your front yard. It’s a good one! The snow was perfect for snowman building. And we have a resident toddler – a good combo for snowman making.

We celebrated Sofi’s tenth outside before the start of the Super Bowl. In the most exciting way I could think of pandemic-wise: with sparklers. Yes, I’m wearing one of those blanket/sweatshirt things.

We were lucky enough to secure a vaccine appointment on Monday for Edda. Edda’s teacher texted us late Friday night saying that they opened some slots at a hospital about 30 minutes away from us and kept encouraging us to keep trying with the website (we almost gave up after being stymied for 15-20 minutes). It took us about 30 minutes to get the appointment using the clunky website (kept kicking us out and kept saying no appointments available, you had to keep refreshing). Jeremy took her for her 5:50 pm appointment and they waited outside for almost an hour. We were lucky also that they had the Pfizer one which Edda is OK to take as she is 16. She qualified as Group IB tier 2, a person with developmental disabilities. Since it was the last appointment of the day, I was hoping Jeremy could maybe ask for an extra dose, but the lines were long and they were already running late and there was already a long group of people waiting to see if there were going to be extra doses at the end of the day, so it didn’t work out, but that’s fine. Jeremy is OK to wait.

She got her little sticker. We are going to give her Motrin for a couple of days. Last night, she had a hour long low-grade seizure (?) I can’t tell anymore – during dinner.

Edda is going to be the first to go back to school starting March 1st. Four days a week. We are excited and looking forward to it. A bit nervous, but still excited.

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