Birds in the office.

Jeremy wanted a window bird feeder for Valentine’s Day. I warned him that I thought the birds would poop on the cars and seed would be all over the driveway, but his desire for cute birdies to accompany him though his long days filled with semi-stressful zoom calls outweighed my concerns and he ordered the bird feeder himself. He put it up last weekend and for days we did not see a single bird. But then I saw that all the sunflower seeds had been sheared open and thought that the birds had indeed found the feeder and that they had eaten all the “chocolate M&Ms out of the trail mix” in approximately 45 minutes and now they were down to the “hard raisin portion of the trail mix” and that he’d better refill it. He countered that they were scared to come to the window while anyone was there.

So he set up the camera which is generally used to track Edda at night to record her sleeping antics and placed it on top of a stack of children’s board books to monitor any avian activity. Now, he gets a text every time a car goes past our house. Or a neighbor walking a dog.

After a few? maybe dozens? of notifications of dogs pooping or Amazon deliveries arriving or cars trundling down the road, finally, today we got our first triumphant office bird sighting.

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