School update.

We had a zoom meeting with Edda’s teacher yesterday to go over her new medical protocols re her newly onset seizures that they (and we) were just beginning to see when school shut down last year. Most of Edda’s seizures happen outside of school hours, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that that will continue to be the case. They do have experience with other kiddos who have seizures, so hopefully it won’t be too freaky. Mainly, we are trying to avoid calling 911 and having an ambulance take her to the hospital unnecessarily. Usually, there is a strict protocol that the school has to follow for calling 911. Though if it happens, it happens.

Everyone is excited and freaked out at the same time. I think it’s leaning more to freaked out now, but I’m hoping that in a few weeks, it’ll lean more towards excited. But the March 1st date seems to be sticking. I saw the bus driver this morning testing out the route and we chatted and confirmed the time and date of the first pickup. I keep getting weird conflicting messages about the bus, but again, it should be OK.

We also had a group zoom tour for returning families of the classroom with blue tape marking out each of the kids’ bubble. Only a handful of kids are coming back in Edda’s program and there are (I think) only 2 special needs programs at her school. So for the first month, there will be fewer than 20 kids in the building. The rest of the school is phasing in over the next two months. About 50% of the kids (student population approx: 2400) said they wanted to go back in person and the typical kids are doing a hybrid model where only half of the half who wanted to go back are in school on a particular day. So the school should never be at more than 25% of capacity. Also they cordoned off Edda’s special needs program so none of the general population of kids will go through that hallway.

Fingers crossed. xoxo

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