Quilt, walk, teacher heroes.

I finished my quilt (top) this week. It’s my pandemic quilt. Jeremy got me the pattern for Christmas 2019 and I started it in January 2020. But for most of 2020, it sat idle. I didn’t touch it, even during the two months I quarantined from the family because I was working on the covid units. I had moved it into quarantine with me to pass the time I thought I would have because I couldn’t launder, cook, clean, snuggle, or hang out, but I didn’t touch it. Honestly, I preferred to sleep, watch TV and try to not go mad with anxiety and exhaustion. But I made it through that. And I made it through the terrible summer of Edda’s teeth injuries/seizures and racial turmoil. And then I made it through the fall and the election. Sometime after the election, I think after the Jan 6th insurrection in DC, I turned back to the quilt in the early mornings for some solace. And I patiently worked on it in the darkness of my house slowly waking up. And now it’s done. I’m going to send it out to my quilting guru for her to quilt it for me. And then I think I’m going to keep it. I usually don’t keep any of my quilts, but this one, I think is mine.

It was a gorgeous day on Saturday. Alice and I (and her family and the dogs) went for a walk in the woods.

The elementary school kids (K-2) started back in-person on Monday. I ran outside for the first time in months and passed by my very own elementary school where they had placed a celebratory sign for all the teachers welcoming back the littlest ones.

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