UC Davis vs Princeton.

In a weird turn of events, student protesters want Princeton to be like UC Davis:


Several protesters interviewed by the ‘Prince’ cited the University of California, Davis, as an example of how the University could expand its COVID-19 resources to protect the community at large. Since last fall, UC Davis has offered free COVID-19 testing and quarantine housing to the nearly 70,000 residents of the city of Davis.

Chang also responded to this comparison, writing to the ‘Prince’ that “[a] comparison between and among institutions and organizations in different states amounts to comparing apples to oranges. It is not valid.”

Chang emphasized that the funding infrastructures are completely different between the two institutions, noting in particular that UC Davis has medical and nursing schools, meaning greater medical infrastructure, as well as the fact that it is a public university and therefore funded with taxpayer dollars, “not through charitable donations made by private donors for the particular mission of education and research,” like Princeton.

Ahahahaha! *&*#&$ you, Princeton!

Endowment of UC Davis: $1.66 billion, 31,000 undergrads

Endowment of Princeton: $25.9 billion, 5400 undergrads

I love that in the Good Place, the most annoying bad person went to Princeton.

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