Blog refresh, dentist, declutter.

Thank you, Amanda, for helping me with this blog! I hired Amanda to clean up a lot of back end things because things were getting out of control (just a bit) and I just couldn’t figure out WordPress (even enough to move the blog to its proper website name) and to also help with the blog design and she was a dream to work with. It’s the only significant amount of $ I’ve spent on this 18+ year old blog and justregularfolks really needed it. I know blogs are old-school. No one really does a personal one like this, but I love this one. I don’t want to go to Instagram or whatever other thing people are doing. I’m happy with my 9 regular readers. It’s mostly for me and no one else. The other day I got sad because I know someday I will be unable to update/pay for this and then it will just disappear into the ether.

We took Edda to the dentist on Wed. It was the first time we’ve gone back to our own pediatric dentist since Edda pulled out her front teeth almost a year ago. After she pulled her teeth out and I managed to almost immediately shove them back into her head and we saw our pediatric dentist, we went to 8 other dental super-specialists over a period of 6 weeks to try and figure out what to do. Most of them kind of side-eyed Edda and said – we can’t really help you out. One guy even said – uh, I’m not going to charge you for the visit because that looks super complicated and I can’t help. In the end, we settled out at the UMD dental school where we were encircled by a bunch of enthusiastic dental students and their professor who said – she looks pretty good! Roots look good on X-ray! Let’s do nothing and see what happens. So we did nothing. They are still loose and she re-traumatizes them each time she grinds her teeth (which is all day every day) and will probably have to be pulled someday. But I’m slowly coming around to that. It’ll be ok. I’ll just say Edda lost them while playing hockey.

On Friday, I spend the day with Megan. She’s moving soon and needed some help decluttering. I’m a fan of decluttering. She also has three cats. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve pet a cat. I find cats very soothing and comforting. I’m 10,000x thankful for everyone who developed/made/etc. the vaccine possible. I would not have been able to spend that time in Megan’s place without both of us being vaccinated.

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  1. You are so welcome Doris, it was a pleasure to work with you. If you haven’t looked into it… there are services where you can print out your blog into bound books, to add to the longevity/family history of it for the future. 🙂

  2. I love the new Blog look. Who did the great illustration of you? Happy those dental students were so kind to our sweet Edda too!

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